Broomfield Branch

a poster reading 'Ministry of Silly Walks Emergeny Administrative Zone. All persons to commence  silly walking immediately.' with a coat of arms containing multiple Monty Python references

"The Ministry of Silly Walks" is a sketch from a 1970 episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. The script itself isn't particularly memorable, but John Cleese's mastery of physical comedy (and completely deadpan expression) more than makes up for it. There's a reason it's been near the top of multiple "X Best Comedy Sketches" lists.

Anyway, someone on Facebook shared a picture of a sign someone else had put on their lawn, saying "You have now entered the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks. Commence silly walking immediately" with someone on the sidewalk playing along. I liked the idea, so I made my own signs and posted them at the edges of my lawn next to the sidewalk.

The Ministry of Silly Walks - Broomfield Branch is a community art project designed to let people have fun and make them laugh during an otherwise unfunny time. There is a motion-activated camera pointed at this section of sidewalk, and footage of individual walks will be posted here and later compiled into a single video.

If you'd like to contribute videos to the project, let me know! If you just want to put up a sign and not worry about cameras, feel free to use this one here.

But you didn't come here to read, did you? On to the fun stuff!

The camera records continuously, and is supposed to automatically make clips whenever it detects motion but the algorithm isn't 100% accurate. I intend to get all the clips off the camera and upload each evening, so if you don't see your silly walk here within a day or two, email me at and let me know what day and about what time you came by. I'll go back through the footage and clip it out manually.

I can also add your name or social handle to your clip, if you want to take credit for your walk. Just let me know!

May 6: Between the camera snafus and a migraine I haven't even looked at the clips it's saved for a few days. I'm going back through them slowly; my apologies!

April 30: I fiddled with the camera settings to try and bump up the motion-capture sensitivity, and it stopped capturing. All the footage is on the card, I just have to process and go through it manually. Put it back to the original settings, though, so it should be saving motion clips again. Walks from the 29th and 30th will be added as I find them.