mia k sherman

When I was a kid, I was going to be an astronaut. And a jockey. And a firefighter. And a ballerina. Yeah. A horseback-riding, fire-extinguishing, earth-orbiting ballet dancer. That would have really rocked.

Now I make stuff. Fiber, ceramics, electronics, photos, buildings, words, websites . . . sometimes I even combine them, often in strange ways.

You may have noticed that it's a little bare here. There are multiple Reasons, but the tl;dr is that I had to start over, mostly from scratch. The only surviving things from the previous site are the photos; the text and code are all brand new.

Right now you can learn a little bit more about caring for hand-dyed fabrics on the caring for hand-dyed fabrics page. Pages on other things I've done and particular styles or techniques I've used will pop up as I write them.

Pictures of stuff I've made or am working on are gradually going up in the gallery.

Right now I'm working on . . .

  • Experimenting with rust as a dye
  • Dyeing a warp for a sometime-in-the-future weaving workshop
  • Making a toga for a taxidermied rat
  • Silly drawings based on typos or weird things my kid says
  • Relearning how to play the guitar
  • Cleaning my basement

On hold for various reasons are . . .

  • Cleaning and repairing an old IBM Selectric golfball typewriter
  • Repair and hack an old Brother Electroknit knitting machine
  • Cleaning my basement

Someday I plan to . . .

  • Repair the accordion and learn how to play it
  • Turn the Selectric into THE GHOSTWRITER
  • Make a Mari Lwyd with an articulated jaw and movable eyes, all attached to a microcontroller and sound sensor.
  • Clean my basement

Since you're already here, you can also . . .